Chain type load turning crane

Chain type load turning crane is only suitable for open workpiece turning. Compared with this kind of chain lifting turnover machine It's easier to see. Some workpieces are very close to a cube and have a moderate aspect ratio. For this type of workpiece, a stationary turning crane may be preferred. Specifically, when turning over, the inclined workpiece will suddenly increase the impact of the chain. If there is frequent impact, the chain will reduce the preset operating time limit. In this state, the chain-type turnover machine is not suitable for large-scale workpieces in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped. To design a chain-fixed load turning crane, the following process must be adopted first to be equipped with a reducer, and the transmission gear can be used to transmit the power in each stage. Two sets of sprockets are designed to drive the slow-rotating chain. The chain can be used to support the work piece. To ensure that the chain is safe, check for flaws on a regular basis. After welding, a stable frame can be obtained, and a complete turning cranecan be constructed. In addition, an electrical operating table is added, which can suspend the turning of a certain workpiece at any time.