China Anode Stacking Crane-ASC

Main functions

Heated and/or air-conditioned cabin with ergonomically designed, fully adjustable operator chair with touch screen
Heated and/or (redundant) air-conditioned electrical room
Fully gravity or hydraulic operated, fail-safe anode handling grab
Grab mounted under the crane bridge or attached to a trolley on the bridge
Grab optionally provided with an anodes rotating mechanism
Automatic positioning system on long – and/or cross travel
Data communication with the plant via Wi-Fi Ethernet
Anode stacking crane belongs to an overhead bridge crane. Kunfeng heavy industry is a Chinese production supplier of anode stacking crane. It also supplies a series of lifting products and accessories such as bridge crane, cantilever crane, KBK crane and electric hoist, which are widely used in various industrial production workshops and warehouses.