Clean room crane for lithium battery industry

In recent years, new energy vehicles have become the most common means of transportation in people's lives. With the rise of new energy industry, the lithium battery industry is developing faster and faster.
Lithium batteries power almost everything: remote car locks, mobile phones, laptops, electric cars, and countless other items. As lithium batteries become more common, manufacturers have shifted from producing small quantities of lithium batteries to larger scale production to meet the growing demand. Industries that typically use lithium batteries include:
medical apparatus and instruments
There's more.
Whether in the lithium battery industry or planned use, one aspect of lithium battery components remains unchanged: controlling moisture in the production process. Uncontrolled humidity and humidity can reduce the performance of the lithium battery or reduce its charging life. In the process of assembling lithium battery, if the moisture is not controlled, it may have more terrible consequences and lead to safety problems such as explosion risk.
When you are involved in lithium battery assembly, you need to control the humidity of the production space extremely. The best way is to use an environmentally controlled dry room.
All moisture and humidity must be considered, handled and controlled when designing and constructing dry rooms to produce and assemble high-quality lithium batteries.
Clean room cranes in the lithium battery industry can usually meet the needs of lithium battery production, including ton package crane, substrate crane, etc. Clean room cranes in lithium battery industry are generally divided into anode cranes and cathode cranes. It can be seen everywhere in the lithium battery production line.
Clean room cranes in lithium battery industry are usually composed of steel or stainless steel. The situation of cranes includes overhead bridge cranes, cantilever cranes, monorail cranes, rail cranes, etc.
Kunfeng heavy industry is a manufacturer of clean room cranes. It has a number of clean room crane cases in the lithium battery industry, including China's large lithium battery manufacturers, including CATL.
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