Glass production workshop clean room cranes

Glass production workshop clean room crane
Workshop glass production process:
The mixture in the kiln head silo is pushed into the melting furnace by two inclined blanket feeders. The melting furnace uses heavy oil as fuel to melt the batch material into molten glass, which is then clarified, homogenized and cooled, and then flows into the tin bath through the molten glass. forming. There are no safety gates and adjustment gates on the runners. There is no board width flow control channel. The molten glass is self-leveled on the tin liquid level, unfolded, and then controlled by the mechanical pulling rib and edge bonding machine to form the required glass ribbon, and then pulled out of the tin bath, and then rolled into the annealing kiln. In order to avoid the oxidation of tin liquid, the space in the tin bath is filled with nitrogen and hydrogen protective gas.
The glass ribbon entering the annealing kiln is annealed in strict accordance with the established annealing temperature curve in the annealing kiln, so that the residual stress of the glass is controlled within the required range. The glass ribbon exiting the annealing furnace then enters the cold end.
The glass ribbon is cut and broken at the cold end, and after accelerated separation, edge breaking, vertical breaking, and vertical separation, it passes through the ramp, and is cleaned by blowing air, and then enters the slicing line. Finished product library.
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