The bend restrictorCan be customized accroding to your needs

The bending restrictor can be customized according to your needs.
Bend restrictor are used to prevent excessive bending of flexible cables or pipes. KUNFENG's bending limiter can be customized according to the needs and specifications of your project. The field-proven design is lightweight and easy to install. Since the load will act on a limited surface, conventional bending restrictors are usually anchored in a manner that causes further stretching. Because the bend limiter has an innovative spherical shape, the load will be distributed throughout the sphere without damage or deformation.
1. Field-proven design;
2. Lightweight;
3. Simple and fast installation;
4. Durable;
5. Reduce the point load during installation;
6. Allow the minimum bending radius to be maintained during installation;
7. Floating or sinking.
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