Crane hoist

CD/MD series electric wire rope hoist

Introduction to CD / MD
CD / MD electric hoist is a compact and light weight hoist. It can be installed separately on the overhead beam, in either manual or electrical mode,or installed on double girder, jib crane or gantry cranes. 
Where is it used in
Used in the factory, mine, dock, warehouse, temperature-20 ~ + 40 ℃, relative humidity under 85%. Not used in potentially explosive filled with sulfuric acid, and the lifting of melted metal, poison, flammable material. Protection device is needed when used in serious dust and outdoor place.
Technical points:
1. Motor rotor motor with a tapered, set power and braking force in one
2. Hook made of high strength steel and fitted with locking device
3. Overload, over current, loss of pressure, breaking equal protection
4. Power for a wide range, 36V safe voltage control can be divided into wired and wireless control makes the operation more secure
5. Asbestos-free brake materials and other harmful ingredients, more environmentally friendly products